Members Only Sale - Lego Metropolitan Area Race Watercraft Carrier - One-Day:£29

Members Only Sale - Lego Metropolitan Area Race Watercraft Carrier - One-Day:£29

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発送元地域 USA
Arrived Days 3-10 DAYS
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〒3293136 栃木県那須塩原市方京1-2-1 ウエストプレイスTOYO203
TEL:0287745827 FAX:0287742625

Members Only Sale - Lego Metropolitan Area Race Watercraft Carrier - One-Day:£29 - Lego City Set

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At The LEGO Group, we lose, squash, turn, warmth, bite, bend, blemish and extent parts and also blocks to see to it every set fulfills the greatest global safety and security as well as premium requirements
Youngsters are going to love the great associate cab, opening up doors, removable rooftop and transport restricting pubs. The cool speed boat has a position cockpit with area for the Xtreme auto racing chauffeur-- and it drifts on water!

When constructed, the transporter, with onboard plaything velocity boat, steps over 3' (9cm) higher, 14' (36cm) lengthy and 2' (6cm) wide, while the velocity boat itself evaluates over 2' (6cm) higher, 9' (24cm) long and also 2' (6cm) vast.
This Urban Area Rate Watercraft Transporter (60254) playset produces a great Xmas, birthday party or any-other-day present for youngsters aged 5 and up that love activity model automobiles and role-play toys.
This structure package includes a toy truck with trailer, a nationality boat that floats on water as well as vehicle and auto racing driver minifigures. Actually, there's everything a youngster needs for innovative private play.

building blocks meet the greatest business requirements and also The LEGO Group's extensive premium criteria, so they correspond, compatible and also conveniently click on all together as well as apart whenever.
Every thing is truly excellent concerning this Urban area Ethnicity Boat Transporter (60254) playset, featuring an effective transporter truck as well as a stylish wind resistant, jet-powered speed boat that actually floats! And with common carrier and Xtreme auto racing vehicle driver minifigures, the setting is actually prepared for fast auto racing competition as well as adventure!Kids will really love developing a toy boat that floatsWith this toy playset you acquire a simple building quick guide as well as Instructions PLUS! Portion of the cost-free LEGO Lifestyle application for tablet computers as well as mobile phones, this interactive property guide, along with zoom and rotate seeing devices, actually performs make LEGO building little one's play!LEGO Area-- Cool toys for kidsLEGO Area Great Vehicles playsets supply feature-rich, water, air as well as land playthings that spark the imagination. With these sensible property kits, kids get to check out all type of autos and also create stories and scenarios that show real area lifestyle in an enjoyable and also innovative means. Listed here's an optimal structure prepared for kids that adore action-packed property playthings. This Metropolitan Area Nationality Watercraft Carrier, features a cool vehicle and a boat that floats. The activity begins the second little ones open package.
Features a simple printed property resource. Or you can install Instructions additionallies-- portion of the free of charge Lifestyle application. Through this interactive property guide's zoom and revolve checking out resources, developing actually is actually child's play.
Metropolitan area Great Autos playsets nourish youngsters' physical capabilities and peace of mind along with feature-rich land, air as well as water autos and fun characters that motivate open-ended creative play.

No electric batteries demanded-- this floating speed watercraft set is actually powered by tiny youngsters with large creativities!


Members Only Sale - Lego Metropolitan Area Race Watercraft Carrier - One-Day:£29 Members Only Sale - Lego Metropolitan Area Race Watercraft Carrier - One-Day:£29